I’m a journalist on FOX40 and report hard news, feature and social media stories.

I came to FOX40 last year after spending a year at The Los Angeles Times and graduating from Columbia Journalism School. Even though I loved New York, California is definitely my home.

You can follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ or email me at Zohreen.Adamjee@fox40.com.

I’m known around the newsroom for…

I cry when I laugh.

What keeps me going

Snickers ice cream bars from the snack shop at FOX40, food from one of our cooking segments … actually, after a five and a half hour show, pretty much anything edible.

I give back to my community by…

I love hosting Google+ hangouts. It’s a time when I can have a conversation with viewers and they can directly ask lawmakers questions.

Why FOX40?

It’s not unheard of for me to be on-air multiple times, produce my own hits, write for the web, update to Facebook-Twitter-Pinterest-Google+, take photos for the station with my DSLR, shoot stories with a JVC, and edit on Final Cut – all in the same day.

My greatest TV moment

My greatest TV moment has yet to come!

TV moment I’d like to forget

All the times Kim Kardashian has been trending on Google and I’ve said her name out loud. On a positive note, she is pretty easy to talk about.

If I had free time, I would…

I’d go outside the station with a JVC more often and shoot and report segments for the next day. One of these days, I’m going to push myself to do it more!

Recent Articles
  • Arson Destroys 2 Cars, Cuts Phone and Cable Service

    STOCKTON- Stockton Police are trying to determine who lit a palm tree in front of a Houston Avenue home on fire around noon on Tuesday. The flames spread through the yard, destroying two cars in the driveway. It also charred Comcast cables, leaving about ten homes without TV, Internet and phone service for hours. The flames didnt reach the home behind it. The renter said she doesn’t know who would have set her front yard on fire.

  • Firefighters: East Sac Restaurant Fire was Arson

    EAST SACRAMENTO- The popular East Sacramento business “Crepes and Burgers” was intentionally set on fire Monday morning, according to Sacramento Fire Department spokesperson Roberto Padilla. Padilla says he can’t comment on how investigators know the fire on 56th and H Streets was arson, but he says it was obvious. The fire started around midnight, and within minutes, the inside of the building was gutted, blackened and charred. Also, a water main broke across the street after the fire was put out, […]

  • State Audit Recommends More Sexual Assault Evidence Kits be Examined

    SACRAMENTO — Labs across the state get hundreds of rape evidence kits every year. “Typically we get in a little over 200 rape kits a year,” said Laboratory of Forensic Sciences Director Jill Spriggs. Now state auditors say more has to be done with them. “Historically we would test about a third of the rape kits collected in the county,” said Crime Lab DNA Unit Supervisor Jeff Rodzen. Auditors recommend that law enforcement and state lawmakers should submit the sexual […]

  • Stolen Quilt was Part of Auction for Breast Cancer Charity

    SACRAMENTO- Nearly donated 500 quilts brighten the halls of Sutter Cancer Center in Sacramento. Jeanne Powell, the Sutter Breast Cancer Auction Chair says the mending isn’t just in the material. She’s seen a change in the patients. “It gives them hope and courage I think,” Powell said. The quilts will be auctioned off this Saturday to raise money for breast cancer research and treatment programs. “It just warms my heart what people have given of their time and their talents […]

  • Stockton Mother of Teen Hurt in Deadly Accident Speaks Out

    STOCKTON- A Ford Silver Sedan smashed into a tree on Wilson Way in Stockton around 8:20 a.m. Friday, injuring five teens and killing the 15-year-old driver. Read the original post here. “The driver lost control of the vehicle. Ultimately traveled off the right hand shoulder,” CHP Officer James Smith said. Investigators say the driver, Dylan Chandler, shouldn’t have been behind the wheel. Chandler didn’t have a license and took the car without his parents’ permission. Officers say speed also played a role. […]

  • Protestors Urge CarMax to Stop Selling Recalled Cars

    ROSEVILLE- Under current federal law, it’s illegal to sell new cars if they’re recalled. But when it comes to used cars, it’s legal. Angela Davidson bought a 2010 Dodge Ram from Carmax, and says she feels cheated. “You didn’t give me a choice! You didn’t ask me…do you want to buy a car with an open recall. That’s the problem I have with Carmax,” Davidson told FOX40. CarMax says they instructed the Davidsons to have any open recalls fixed. Davidson […]

  • Manteca School Board Member Under Investigation

    STOCKTON — People say the Link Net Internet Cafe isn’t what it seems. “Hoes go there. Prostitutes, tweakers, dopies–they’re there all the time,” said Aja Smith, who lives in Stockton. Stockton Police say a Manteca Unified School District Board Member has visited the spot too. Police say back in January, Samuel Fant went to Link Net for a couple minutes. According to court documents, Fant is one of three people targeted in a police investigation into internet gambling. Police also […]

  • Stockton Family Shaken After Violent Home Invasion

    STOCKTON — Thieves left a South Stockton family of nine with a broken front door and a broken sense of security on Friday. A shaken mother of four didn’t want to be named or shown, but told us her front door was kicked in and four men forced their way into her home around 1:30 a.m. She says the thieves pulled her, her husband, his brother and elderly parents out of their rooms with guns to their heads. “When I […]

  • Cameras Catch Church Plaque Thief

    STOCKTON — A church worker at The Church of the Presentation in Stockton says that five bronze plaques were stolen from the outside of a building last week. Each plaque represents people who donated to the church. Police released surveillance video of the thief in action and say early last Wednesday morning, a man managed to pry plaques off the wall. On the video, you only see the man on the bicycle stealing a plaque, but police say there was […]

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