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OJAI, Calif. (KTLA) — It’s a small town, big on charm.

Drive an hour and 20 minutes out of downtown L.A. and you’ll feel a world away.

Here in Ojai, the pace slows down and your sense of adventure picks up.

It’s a place full of fine food, small shops and boutique hotels.

Caravan Outpost is an adventure hotel: you can check in to one of their 10 airstream campers, or check out their tiny house.

“We call that an analog experience; you can really just disconnect, unplug and unwind,” said Shawn Steward, owner of Caravan Outpost.

Perhaps you can read a good book — there are more than 100,000 old, new and rare ones to choose from at Bart’s Books.

“It’s hard to keep an account on the exact number because we sell somewhere between 6 and 10,000 books every month,” said Matt Henrikson, general manager of Bart’s Books.

No matter what time of year, the sun always seems to be shining on Ojai, which is great for the growers of olive groves.

The Ojai Olive Oil Company produces some of the best olive oils in the entire world, and they can be yours for the tasting.

“The tasting is very similar to a wine tasting: not as fun, no buzz,” said Tim Arlon, grove manager at the Ojai Olive Oil Company.

When it comes to dessert, Ojai is sweet on them.

“So I worked here sophomore, junior, and senior year; I was just a scooper,” said Kodi Berg, owner of Ojai Ice Cream.

When the mom of three had found out that the Ojai Ice Cream Shop was for sale, she decided to scoop it up.

It’s a sweet story of success for a quiet town that leaves you with quite a wonderful impression.