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KINGS BEACH, Calif. (KTXL) – Lake Tahoe’s family-fun atmosphere and uniquely blue waters draw in millions of people every summer, but the best way to truly see Lake Tahoe is with a crystal clear view. 

At Kings Beach, a company called Wild Society has come up with an ingenious way of giving lake-goers the chance to see Lake Tahoe as they’ve never seen it before.

“We are the only ones that offer a completely see-through kayak,” attendant and tour guide Danielle Finnick told FOX40. 

The slow-moving kayak-canoe hybrids are perfect for capturing those Instagram-able moments and squeezing in a good arm workout.

With only 20 of them available, Finnick said the summers are very good for business.  

“We’re constantly booked. Sometimes our reservations are booked up weeks in advance,” Finnick said. 

Crystal kayakers can embark on a 4-hour long journey along the scenic shoreline while seeing Lake Tahoe’s sandy bottom several feet below. The view gives kayakers a better understanding of how pure the lake is, and how it needs to stay that way. 

“It can almost be a spiritual experience, especially if you go to our 8 a.m. time slots, and there’s no one out here,” Finnick explained. “The lake is glass. It’s really a way to connect with the lake unlike any other.” 

Fun Fact: Parts of Lake Tahoe are cleaner than most commercially distilled water, and it’s deep enough to submerge the Empire State Building.