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On this week’s Destination California, FOX40’s Pedro Rivera took us through Old Sacramento.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) – Sacramento: The Indomitable City. Nowhere else in Sacramento is that name more fitting than in Old Sac. 

Now, most people are probably familiar with all the shopping and dining available in Old Sac but there is a whole lot of history behind this area and a lot more to look forward to in the future. 

Walking through Old Sacramento is like taking a step back into the 1850s during the height of the Gold Rush when the embarcadero was the shipping hub of the west.

To help visitors really embody the experience, tour manager Shawn Turner can take them through the underground tour to explore where city streets used to be – about 25 feet beneath the cobblestone.

And of course Turner will be in full character as Thomas Leggett from Scotland.

“I’m not famous like Sam Brannan but I brought ale to Sacramento and that’s something,” Turner explains, in character as Legget.

Above ground, there are still original buildings in place.

“Hall, Luhrs [is a] wholesale grocery store built in 1885 opened January 1, New Years Day,“ Turner shared.

On any given day, visitors can choose from more than 50 area stores to shop from or spend a date night by Delta King Hotel.

The waterfront is the place to be for the holiday season, as families come to see the tree lighting and Macy’s Theatre of Lights.

“Christmas time is a big thing. Dia de los Muertos has become a big thing on Front Street,” Turner said. “We have an underground miniature golf course.”

Museum lovers can hop aboard and tour the California State Railroad Museum and see the many locomotives that helped grow the Golden State.

When visitors are done touring, they can try costume shopping at Evangeline’s Costume Mansion, dining at Pioneer Square or take a walk to the Sacramento River.

“I think a lot of people can come down to Old Sacramento and not realize how close they are to the river,” Turner said. 

When they do, they’ll quickly realize Tower Bridge is quite the view.

Sacramento is investing $47 million to renovate the district. By 2023, there will be a new freight depot along the water, a museum deck overlooking the Sacramento River and much more.