(KTXL) — Residents who felt the Ferndale earthquake in Humboldt County should expect aftershocks in the coming days, the United States Geological Survey reports

At the time of their report, 2:34 p.m., the agency said 16 aftershocks had already happened. 

The federal agency says aftershocks will decrease with time, but they expect magnitude 3 aftershocks or higher to happen until Dec. 27. However, a large enough aftershock could affect how many happen during the week, the USGS says.

There is a 56% chance that a magnitude 4 aftershock or higher happens, and if it does, the agency only expects up to three of them. One magnitude 4 quake was already recorded about 4 miles from Ferndale around 2 p.m., according to the USGS website.

A higher magnitude one is much less likely, with there being an 8% chance of a magnitude 5 aftershock. The USGS says only up to one aftershock of that magnitude would likely happen.

A magnitude 5 aftershock would be big enough to cause damage.

Aftershocks with a magnitude higher than 5 become increasingly less likely, according to the USGS. The chances of one happening are less than 1%.

The USGS says their aftershock forecast changes, especially during the first few days. To read more, click or tap here.