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Families always have advice for expectant moms but there are some things they always forget. Dr. Tracy Shafizadeh is sharing the five things first time moms need, as we count down to Mother’s day.

Compression Clothing: Belly-wrapping has given extra mid-section support during the 4th trimester for centuries. Physical core healing for the inside and outside — compression leggings & tanks are helpful for circulation and aching joint/muscle support.
Infant Probiotics:  Infant probiotics have been proven to help combat common infant issues like colic, diaper rash and eczema, but they’re also important in establishing long-term health. Gut health is closely connected with immune function, brain function, metabolism and more. Good gut health makes baby less fussy and improves sleep.
Hydration Station:  For breastfeeding moms, it’s important to stay very hydrated.  Setting up a “hydration station” of sorts is extremely beneficial.  Stock up on coconut water and/or water bottles, and prep a breastfeeding “office” in the corner of your room.  Be prepared for constant refills to refuel.
Self-Care Supplies:  Small bits of beauty & self-care can turn a hard day around quick. On-demand, in-home services offer massages, manicures, blowouts, etc. Scents (essential oils) are natural mood-lifters (ex. lavender is said to be calming).
Journals / Books:  Self-care experts point to journaling as being a way to relieve stress – there are a variety of planners/journals with inspirational messaging built in. Books & magazines are stress-relieving too — instead of reading on our phones (social media, online ‘click factor’ proven to make us more anxious, stressed).