Mental Wellness Awareness Month: The Signs of Mental Distress and How to Help

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January is Mental Wellness Awareness Month and Pedro is in the studio with Carlos Flores, Director of Academic Affairs, University of Phoenix, Sacramento, talking about the signs of mental distress and how to help someone you suspect is in distress.

What are some signs of mental distress?

  • Not being able to handle little things
  • Irrational anger or frustration
  • Focused on negative and believe the world is against them
  • When a person experiences extreme highs and lows and is not able to find balance

How do you know if someone needs help?

  • They lack focus and don’t seem present in conversations
  • They can’t get their thoughts together or string a sentence together
  • Chronically worried and anxious about the future

How do you start the conversation about seeking help?

  • Discuss behavior changes you have observed
  • Ask them if anything is going on
  • Share  any similar experiences you have had and that talking to someone has helped you
  • Give them information on resources


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