Mother Dies During Childbirth from Rare Condition: ‘She did what she was supposed to do’

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AURORA, Colorado (KUSA)-

A mother had to make the ultimate sacrifice when doctors discovered complications during labor.

At 7 lbs. 4 oz, Declan is a miracle.

“And he’s so cute and so well behaved and just quiet. Just really loving, just being here,” Maren Oates, Declan’s aunt, told KUSA. “None of us expected it to be this way. When you’re scheduled for a routine c-section, it’s supposed to be a happy, happy day.”

Earlier this month, Karisa Bugal went into labor with her second child, and that’s when her doctors discovered it; a rare and often deadly condition called amniotic fluid embolism.

“And that causes catastrophic shutdown of all the organs,” Dr. Kelly Gerow said.

“Deep down, I knew it wasn’t good but I wanted to keep faith,” Wes Bugal, Declan’s father said. “They came in and rushed her back to the delivery room and had to do an emergency c-section.”

“Knowing the grim prognosis of this, I think it’s possible that we would have lost Declan,” Dr. Gerow said.

Declan’s heart rate dipped, and Karisa had to make a decision as she was wheeled into the emergency room. She chose to go under right away. Which was the best option for her son, not the best for her.

“Her other option would have been to decline that and stay awake for her surgery, but by the time we would have put in a spine or something, it’s possible that Declan would not have made it,” Dr. Gerow said.

Karisa chose to save her son, even though it put her life at risk.

“She came to the hospital to be a mom and she did what she was supposed to do,” Oates said.

“And that was about the last time I saw her.” “That’s the hard part, explaining to him his mom’s gone giving birth to him, explain to both of them where their mom’s at, when they ask where’s mommy,” Bugal said.

Following the c-section, Karisa asked about her baby, and wanted to know how much he weighed and other details. She then passed away.

Her husband, Wes, is now caring for Declan and the couple’s older child.

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