The Science of Snacking

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Simone is in the kitchen with health and fitness professional Rachel Eslick talking about the science behind snacking and how to choose better options.

Most Common Snack Cravings.
Salty: Crunching on something salty helps relieve stress while you chew, so when you are feeling stressed, you’re likely to go for something salty and comforting.
Sweet: Reaching for something sweet is usually because you are feeling stressed or tired. You crave the sugar for that energy and mood boost.
Savory: When you crave something savory, it’s likely you’re craving cheese. This can mean you are feeling emotional or tense. High fat dairy products aid in production of melatonin and serotonin which help us feel more relaxed and sleepier.
Carbs: If you’re dieting and/or feeling sad, carbohydrates boost our levels of serotonin and while you’re dieting trying to cut carbs, our body is more likely to crave it.
Protein: It’s likely you will crave meaty foods if you are not getting enough protein in your body, you may also crave it if you are iron deficient.

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