(Inside California Politics) Assembly member Dr. Joaquin Arambula, D-Fresno, joined Inside California Politics cohost Nikki Laurenzo to discuss the reasons why he says he is considering a challenge for speaker of the California Assembly. 

Asm. Arambula repeatedly referred to the Democratic Assembly Caucus as “fractured”, and says Speaker-Designee Robert Rivas, D-Hollister, has failed to unite the caucus in the aftermath of the passage of HR-1. That vote in December affirmed a previous vote by the Democratic caucus to make Asm. Rivas the next Speaker.

Asm. Arambula told Inside California Politics several of his colleagues reached out to him to consider a run for speaker. He did not give specifics on who those colleagues were, as well as how many supporters he may have within the Democratic Caucus. 

Asm. Rivas’ political team provided statements from two member of the Democratic Caucus, Asm. Sabrina Cervantes, D-Corona, and Asm. Eduardo Garcia, D-Coachella, who both expressed their support for Speaker-Designee Rivas.

Asm. Cecilia Aguilar-Curry, D-Winters, a joint-author of HR-1, said this in a statement to Inside California Politics: 

“HR 1 memorialized the Speakership election and transition timeline as agreed to by a Consensus of the Assembly Democratic Caucus on November 10th of last year.  It’s approval without a single objection by the full house on December 5th is an official act of the Assembly… I am excited for the future leadership of the Assembly, come July 1st per that action, under Speaker Robert Rivas.”

Speaker-Designee Rivas declined both comment and an interview for this story.