SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Friday marks what’s called the “House of Origin” deadline for the California legislature meaning any bill introduced in the State Assembly or Senate must pass through its original house by then.

Each chamber has hundreds of bills up for floor votes to get through this week.

Abortion protections are at the top of the priority list for the Democratic majority in the State Assembly Monday. Two measures passed with two-thirds of the votes extending protections to doctors and out-of-state abortion patients. Assembly Bill 2626 prevents doctors and nurse practitioners from state punishment for helping with abortions and Assembly Bill 1666 aims to shield patients and doctors from out-of-state lawsuits.

“We must ensure that these foreign states’ laws do not come into our borders and put our providers, our abortion funds and the women who are seeking care at risk,” Assemblymember Rebecca Bauer Kahan, D-Orindo, said.

A bill allowing social media companies to be held legally liable for harms stemming from online addiction in kids, Assembly Bill 2408, passed the Assembly on Monday with bipartisan support.

The era of unfettered social experimentation is over and we will protect kids,” Assemblymember Jordan Cunningham, R-San Luis Obispo, said.

“Everyone is welcome to innovate, but they need to innovate with responsibility. They need to innovate with products and services that are not designed to harm our kids,” Assemblymember Al Muratsuchi, D-Torrance, said.

Other bills that will be closely watched this week include several efforts to boot the state’s gun control laws, bills that aim to give the cannabis industry tax and regulatory relief, and bills that address homelessness and housing.

Bill’s passed in the State Assembly this week will head to the State Senate and vice-versa before reaching the governor’s desk later this year.