(FOX40.COM) — While campaigning in Sacramento to succeed retiring Democratic Sen. Diane Feinstein, Rep. Adam Schiff spoke to FOX 40 about the indictments of former President Donald Trump and his campaign to become a U.S. Senator.

On the Trump indictments, Schiff said, “This is the most serious set of charges yet.”

“They go really to the heart of our democracy,” he added while listing the alleged events that led to the charges.

Regarding his campaign, the California representative said he’s going to be, “hitting the ground every hour of the day up until election time.” He also noted that his grassroots movement is what separates him from the competition.

“The strength that I have in fundraising is that it comes from the grassroots. That it comes from tens, even hundreds of thousands of people.”

Schiff then added that the average contribution to his campaign is $34.

Finally, when questioned on his ability to connect with female voters, Schiff explained why he is the perfect choice to represent them in the U.S. Senate.

“I have a very strong record of issues that are particularly concerning to women,” he said. “I’ve been a vehement advocate for choice and against the Dobbs decision.”

He also mentioned that Nancy Pelosi, former Speaker of the House and California representative, has endorsed him since day one of his campaign.

According to a poll conducted in early June by Inside California Politics and Emerson College Polling, Schiff and Rep. Katie Porter (D-Irvine) lead the Senate race with each being the first choice of about 14% of respondents.

Six percent of respondents said they would vote for Rep. Barabra Lee (D-Oakland) in the March 2024 primary.

Schiff’s role on the Congressional committee that led an investigation into allegations that former President Donald Trump pressured Ukrainian leaders to investigate Joe Biden in exchange for military aid made him one of the more recognizable members of Congress and earned him the ire of many Republicans.

House Republicans voted to censure Schiff in June over comments he made about Trump.

The Southern California congressman’s campaign also has the most cash on hand of any of the candidates.

As of June 30, the most recent Federal Election Commission reporting deadline, the Schiff campaign had nearly $30 million on hand, three times as much as Porter, who has the second most available cash.