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Need to find a voting center near you? Click here to find the closest location to vote or drop off your ballot.

With election day upon us, California voters weighing whether to recall Gov. Gavin Newsom have already started hitting the polls or returning their mail-in ballots.

Voters have until the night of Sept. 14 to make their choice. They can do so in person at a polling place/vote center, or they can return their ballot — all active, registered voters in the state were sent one last month — by mail or via a drop box location.

Early voting began Sept. 4 at select locations throughout the state, with all counties having one or more locations open at least four days prior to election day.

Secure drop-off boxes have also been set up across California, offering voters another convenient way to submit their ballot early. Keep in mind that for this option, ballots must be deposited by 8 p.m. on Sept. 14 in order for the vote to be tallied.

Early voting and ballot drop-off box locations can be found by going here.

For those who want to vote in person on election day, polling places will be open Sept. 14 from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

All residents of California can find their polling place or vote center online here, or by calling 800-345-8683, or by texting Vote to 468683.

Below is a map of polling places and ballot drop-off locations in Sacramento County. Click or tap here to view it in list form.

For voters who simply decide to mail back their ballot, it must be postmarked by Sept. 14 to count.

Finally, for those who aren’t registered to vote and missed the Aug. 30 deadline, California law permits same-day voter registration at polling places/vote centers on Election Day or during early voting. After competing the conditional registration, the resident will cast what’s known as a provisional ballot, which is subject to registration verification before it’s counted.

Click or tap here to check if you are registered to vote.

Whichever way people vote, California allows them to track their ballot at

Voters can find more information about the recall election on the California Secretary of State’s website.