Dan Walters gives analysis on Harris as Biden’s running mate

Inside California Politics

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — As a former columnist for The Sacramento Bee and now a columnist for CalMatters, Dan Walters has been covering California politics and its intersection with the nation’s capital for years.

He said the Biden-Harris ticket is a bit of a surprising matchup, given their contentious past.

“S,o she kind of ate a little humble pie on her accusations suggesting that he was a racist and he kind of forgave her. She brings some glamour, I would say, to an otherwise lackluster presidential candidate, which is good and bad,” Walters said. “She’s a very controversial person not only in California but in Washington as well. She wears her ambition on her sleeve, so to speak, and has turned off a lot of people that she seems a little too ambitious, too grasping.”

Walters said more interesting than Harris being Biden’s vice presidential pick may be what Governor Gavin Newsom does with her Senate seat if the Democratic ticket takes the White House.

Some speculate Newsom could pick Rep. Karen Bass, who was once in the running to be Biden’s pick for vice president. Others suggest Newsom could send himself to the Senate, which would turn the state over to Lieutenant Governor Eleni Kounalakis.


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