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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (Inside California Politics) – State Senator Steve Glazer, D-Orinda, said the best thing for Gov. Gavin Newsom to beat the recall effort would be to have an early election.

In an interview with Inside California Politics, Sen. Glazer said that Newsom has done a good job with vaccine distribution and called his revised budget “thoughtful and generous with how we could help the state recover from this pandemic.”

Sen. Glazer went on to say that not only would expediting the recall election work in Newsom’s favor for those reasons, but the biggest unknowns the governor faces include issues more prevalent later in the year, such as wildfires and children returning to the classroom.

Glazer added that his colleagues in the Democratic party want the governor to be successful, and says some Republicans he’s spoken with over the last week wish expediting the recall election wasn’t an option at all.

“The more time the opponents have to create chaos, believe me, they will try to create chaos,” Sen. Glazer said.