Inside California Politics – Assemblywoman Buffy Wicks

Inside California Politics

East Bay Assemblywoman Buffy Hicks joins Inside California Politics to talk about her trip from the Bay Area to the State Capitol, despite having a newborn daughter, to push for a number of bills – including one to extend paid family leave.

“We are failing our families as a country, that’s the bottom line. We are failing working class families. We are not providing the types of policies that make it easier to be a parent. We are one of  I think two industrialized nations that doesn’t have a national paid leave policy. I think in 33 states it is cheaper to send your kid to college than it is to send them to preschool. I think the average cost in the Bay Area is 25k for child care, that’s not okay. We need to do better and our elected officials need to do better,” she said. “That’s why I drove up there to vote on our expanded family leave policy that ended up passing by one vote. It was very important for me to be there for that vote.”


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