Inside California Politics: Roundtable talks future of the CA GOP following recall failure

Inside California Politics

(INSIDE CALIFORNIA POLITICS) — Nikki Laurenzo talks with California journalists across the state about the Republican Party’s future in heavily-Democratic California.

Seema Mehta, a political writer with the L.A. Times, said former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger saw the GOP’s problems back in 2007.

“He was harshly critical of the state party and the candidates they put forward and sort of their inability to connect with voters,” Mehta said. “He expected them to learn from failures — from losing statewide election after statewide election, but he said they absolutely haven’t done that and that’s why they’re in the position they’re in.”

Cal Matters reporter Laurel Rosenhall said California GOP needs to radically change their strategy.

“They’re going to need to focus on winning local races in communities where they can put together a majority,” Rosenhall said. “That across the state of California, it’s just obvious that’s not happening.”

Joe Garafoli, Senior Political Writer with the San Francisco Chronicle, said Republicans need to appeal to moderate voters in any future state election.

“It actually could be good news for the Republican party, because as we saw, Larry Elder hit the same ceiling every other Republican has in California,” Garofli said. “So what they need to do, and what they failed to do in this recall, is create some policies that appeal to moderate voters.”

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