Local constitutional law professor explains what could happen if Newsom is replaced

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As we look ahead to the two outcomes possible in the recall election, what will happen if Gov. Gavin Newsom were replaced?

If recall proponents get their way and Newsom is voted out of office, how will state government transition to new leadership?

Leslie Jacobs, a constitutional law professor at McGeorge School of Law, joined Martina to walk us through the process.

“One thing I’ll point out is there’s a difference between what the governor can do and what the new governor is likely to do,” Jacobs explained. “In the background of all of this is that whoever gets into office is already going to be running for reelection [and they’re] going to have that in mind.”

Jacobs said the point of the recall process is supposed to be “direct democracy and power to the people over monied interest. There are talks that it’s become the reverse of that.”

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