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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — President Joe Biden gave a historic State of the Union address as the country faces inflation and Ukraine is being invaded by Russia. 

“So far, his administration has been very defensive and reactive. I don’t know he was able to overcome that in this speech,” Political expert Tim Rosales said. “There are several issues he is going to have deal with, his administration is going to have to deal with, if he is going to try to save control of Congress in the hands of Nancy Pelosi.” 

Rosales went on to say that nothing in his speech, from an “economic perspective is going to do anything to correct the inflation that we’re seeing here.” 

“They’ll force the (Federal Reserve) … to act and increase interest rates even more than they have,” Rosales said. 

Political experts Tim Rosales and Ed Emerson joined Nikki Laurenzo to discuss President Joe Biden’s historic State of the Union address.