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(Inside California Politics) — As we prepare for the pending recall election, we’re also looking at race and voting trends throughout California based on the 2020 election.

According to the Public Policy Institute of California, an overwhelming majority of African American likely voters are Democrats at 73%. Just 5% are likely Republican voters, 17% are independent and 4% are “other.”

A majority of likely Asian American voters are also Democrats at 54%. Nineteen percent are likely Republicans, 26% are independent and just 2% are “other.”

A slightly higher percentage of likely Latino voters are Democrats at 58%, 16% Republican, 26% independent and 2% “other.”

Of likely white voters, 40% say they are Democrats, 34% say Republican, 21% are independents and 4% say “other.”

Forty-three percent of Californians that identify as another group or are multi-racial said they are likely to vote Democratic. Nineteen said Republican, 29% said they were independent and 9% said “other.”

Polling expert Mike Madrid joins Inside California Politics to give some insight on these trends and how they could impact the recall election.