SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Anthony Rendon will remain the speaker of the California Assembly. 

This comes after Assembly Member Robert Rivas, D-Salinas, claimed he had the votes to oust him as leader of the assembly. 

At the State Capitol, Democrats caucused for about six hours on the speakership issue. 

Sources told FOX40 late last week some Democrats wanted to remove Rendon from power because of a series of leadership decisions they didn’t agree with. 

Assembly Member Rivas announced Friday he had the votes to be the new leader.

But after all that time behind closed doors, both Rivas and Rendon came out Tuesday with a joint statement to say Rivas has the support to be the next leader of the assembly, but Rendon should remain speaker until at least the end of this legislative session.

Rivas said this is the start of a thoughtful transition. 

“To have this acknowledgment from the speaker that I have the votes to be the next speaker, we have done this the right way. We have taken the high road,” Rivas said. “It’s about the work we have to do here for the betterment of our state and all Californians.” 

Rivas would not say if or what was the last straw for Democrats who want him in power instead of Rendon. 

And while the two agree to transition power at some point, there is no guarantee Rivas has the support of the crop of new assembly members that will get elected to this body later this year.