Sacramento County election official goes over ballot-counting process

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A gubernatorial recall election has only happened once before in California modern history, back in 2003 when former Gov. Gray Davis was recalled.

Mail-in ballots will still be accepted as long as it is post-marked Tuesday, Sept. 14.

There are also 72 ballot drop boxes throughout the county. Aside from drop boxes, there are 30 voting center locations.

Janna Haynes with the Sacramento County Elections Office joined Richard on FOX40 News at 11 a.m. to help us better understand the process and difference between now and 2003.

“The access a voter has to actually do their voting has expanded dramatically, and we’ve seen really good results with turn out,” Haynes said.

Haynes also explained why the results at the end of Election Day will not be final.

“We actually have seven days to receive a ballot as long as it is postmarked from the mail by the 14th, which means we will be receiving vote-by-mail ballots over the next several days,” she said. “Those still need to be processed, start to finish. That’s why the results from tonight will not be final.”

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