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Kao, an 8-year-old, black Labrador Retriever, is in need of a forever home. He can be adopted at the Bradshaw Animal Shelter.

Animal ID#: A773222
Dog Name: Kao
Dog Sex: Male
Dog Size: L
A Little About Me: I am told no one understand how someone as special and awesome as me ends up at the shelter. I am easy-going, easy to please, calm, cool and just totally awesome. I am the complete package and love everyone I meet, If easy-breezy is your thing then I please come and get me today, I am so miserable in the shelter and deserve to be in a home.
In-home Information: I have successfully lived with other dogs
I participate in shelter playgroups with: Gentle and dainty dogs
Walk Rating: Walks well after opportunity to burn off some energy
Snuggle Rating: Is ok sitting by your side rather than your lap
Type of Learner: Is ready and eager to learn
Energy Level : Lower energy, a walk around the block
Manner Level: I enjoy meeting new people and do so in a calm manner
My motivation is: Treat motivated
Known Skills: Sit, Watch Me
Personality: Mellow, low maintenance, easy to please