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Eleven-year-old Leah Nelson is giving back to the community once again.

Leah is celebrating one year of paying it forward with BecuzICare11 by hosting a surprise party Monday night for the women and children of St. John’s Program for Real Change.

“BecuzIcare11 is about kindness and giving back. It is really important to me that these kids experience a fun day so they know they are not alone and people do value them,” said Leah Nelson.

The Nelson family raised $1,000 toward this initiative, did their research, and asked if SactoMoFo would help make the donation go as far as possible to feed as many as possible. Chando’s Tacos will be catering the event, along with ice cream provided by Cowtown Creamery. There will be bracelet making stations at each of the tables, sponsored by Rainbow Loom, where the women and children of Saint John’s will be able to practice the BecuzIcare11 mission of hand-making bracelets and paying it forward.