Dangers of Water Intoxication

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Bethany is in the studio with Dr. Jyl talking about how to safely keep your dog hydrated in the heat. Heat stroke is at the top of the list for dangers for pets in the summer heat.  While having access to clean water is vital for a healthy pet, sadly too much of a good thing can prove to be just as fatal. Hyponatremia, a life threatening condition consisting of overtly low sodium levels, occurs when more water enters the body than it's able to process, resulting in a dilution of bodily fluids, which ultimately creates a precarious shift of electrolytes. This often fatal condition is more commonly known as "water intoxication".

Symptoms of water intoxication include:
Ataxia (uncoordinated, wobbly gait)
Pale gums
Glazed over eyes with dilated pupils
Labored breathing


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