Get Outdoors: Where to Find the Best Fall Foliage


Simone  is hanging out outside with executive director Dyana Kelley from Camp California getting the details on the various places to see the best fall foliage.

California can’t quite compete with the explosion of fall color in New England, where the turn is based on latitude and happens in one fell swoop, but we do have a big advantage.  Our fall colors change with elevation beginning at about 10,000 feet in the Eastern Sierra and drops about 500 feet per week throughout the season.  If you miss the first round just drop to a lower elevation. 
If you are looking for a mix of Oaks, Cottonwoods, Willows and Aspens head to SISKIYOU COUNTY.  Mt Shasta offers the perfect backdrop to unforgettable fall foliage.  Take a drive to Aspen Grove in the Little Shasta Meadows Botanical Area or enjoy an autumn bike ride along the 24-mile loop through Scott Valley.
For a taste of New England style fall foliage head to NEVADA CITY, located in the Sierra foothills.  The sugar maples, sweetgum trees and easily walkable historic downtown area make for a traditional fall feel.  Join fellow leaf gazers on the October 12th photo walk beginning in downtown Nevada City.

Fall in HOPE VALLEY is a special treat that begins as early as mid-September.  The Carson Pass area has one of the best collections of Aspen Trees in the Sierra.  The forest provides a vivid gold and orange display like no other.  Whether you hit the western or eastern side of the valley, each mile lends itself to a more stunning view than the one before.

With a late summer in the EASTER SIERRA NEVADA you still have plenty of time to catch the change.  BISHOP CREEK will provide the greatest example of fall color in the state where the Aspens will be turning first and then the Cottonwoods giving you plenty of time to see fall foliage.  Farther south out of Lone Pine you can head into Sequoia National Forest for a wonderful display of Dogwoods.  Directions and places of interest will be posted on our website under Fall Colors. . 
A drive along the Silverado Trail in the NAPA VALLEY will provide an excellent opportunity to witness the wine country color show.  As the crush winds down wine country starts to pop with color.  The different varietals provide a weekly change in color from crisp coppers to ruby reds.  Many vineyards have planted specimen trees such as silver maples, sweetgum and even ginko biloba to accent the native black oak, big leaf maple, ferns and spice bush. 


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