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Pedro spoke to Camp California executive director Dyana Kelley about tips for staying safe and responsible while hiking.

  • Make a Plan and Tell Someone: Find a trail that is accessible for your skill level, is doable in the amount of time you have that day, and is open. Tell someone where you are going and be specific.
  • Pack Your 10 Essentials: Navigation (map/compass, app), Hydration (water filter), Nutrition (protein bars), Sun Protection (hat/ sunscreen), Insulation (layers), Illumination (headlamp and batteries), First Aid kit (take a wilderness first aid class), Fire (lighter, waterproof matches, cotton balls soaked in petroleum jelly), Repair Gear (duct tape, utility cord, knife), Shelter (lightweight tent footprint). Your essentials may need to be personalized to include medication.
  • Be Prepared for the Unexpected: Check the weather before you head out. 
  • Be Trail Aware/ Say Hello – Taking note and addressing others on the trail could just save your life or theirs.
  • Leave No Trace: Leave nothing on the trail including food products, toilet paper, masks, or anything else.