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Eric is in the studio with William Jessup University Psychology professor Erin Ambrose about Valentine’s Day pressure.

Tips to Avoid Valentine’s Day Trap
Talk beforehand: To better handle the day, couples should talk about their expectations and make sure neither one is under pressure to plan something really romantic and special. Don’t let high expectations plant the seeds of disappointment and resentment.
Don’t feel pressured to spend big $$$$: There’s lots of pressure for those in relationships to “do it right” as comparisons on social media have become the norm. But an expression of love given at another time of year may actually be more powerful for the person on the receiving end.
Avoid the perfect couple comparisons: Many couples in long relationships have lost the spark of love. When romance fades, it can be replaced with love based on deep caring and shared life experience. You might decide not to do anything special. Yet you can still acknowledge your love for each other – even if it’s not romantic love, it’s deep and meaningful.
Singles should avoid sadness: On Valentine’s Day, singles may feel their lives and friendships are overlooked because they don’t fit the traditional Valentine’s mold and dread the day’s focus on romance. Singles should have a plan that honors who they are and their place in life. Don’t spoil your day wallowing in the “if only” game!