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Parents, there’s just no way your kids are going to finish all of their Halloween candy. Luckily, Danny Jackson from the Brass Tap in Vacaville is here to help when sneaking candy from the bucket.

For something like a Snickers, Jackson recommends an American porter. Today, Jackson used the Nukin’ Futz porter from Track 7. This beer has nice chocolate and peanut butter flavors that go nicely with a classic candy bar.

Another Halloween classic is the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. For this, Jackson says to go with something like a creamy milk stout. Today’s example comes from Bike Dog Brewing.

An old stand-by treat needs an old stand-by beer style. Candy corn and a lager. Even if you hate candy corn, wouldn’t a lager make it a little better? Jackson recommends a Northern California classic – Anchor Steam.

What about something like Sweetarts? Jackson says to try those with a nice saison.