Interview: Folsom Chamber of Commerce responds to new stay-at-home order


As a promised stay-at-home order looms over the greater Sacramento area to stop the spread of the coronavirus, some in Folsom are encouraging folks to get their holiday shopping done before the order goes into effect.

With a limited number of days left before a stay-at-home order goes into effect, people need to get their Christmas shopping done early and shop local. Stay-at-home orders are a serious threat to the local economy, jobs and small business owners counting on the Christmas holiday to stay in business. Restaurants have spent thousands of dollars on tents and outdoor heaters only to learn today that they will be limited to serving take-out. And with customers confined to their homes, merchants won’t be able to compete with online retailers this shopping season. A stay-at-home order is the best Christmas present the State could ever give Amazon shareholders.

Joe Gagliardi, CEO/President of the Folsom Chamber of Commerce

CEO of the Folsom Chamber of Commerce Joe Gagliardi spoke to Sonseeahray about the message he’s sending to the Folsom community.

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