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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Even though you can’t stop by the shelter to browse through for a new family member amid the pandemic, Front Street Animal Shelter still has a lot of animals that need forever homes.

“The pandemic’s been hard on everyone, including our shelters, but one of the positives is that the majority of animals don’t need to be locked in cages all day,” said Ryan Hinderman, Front Street Animal Shelter’s public information coordinator.

This means that less dogs are stressed, and more people at home willing to take those dogs in.

“So we’ve had this outpouring of support in the community who will take a dog temporarily into their home,” Hinderman explained.

The benefit of that, he said, is the opportunity to get to know the dog for an extended period of time at home, rather than for a few minutes at the shelter.

“You’re really taking these dogs for a test drive when you foster them,” he told FOX40.

The want for a furry companion has not tapered off amid the pandemic.

“Adoptions have been really steady,” Hinderman said. “Demand for adoption and fostering is really high.”

For others who can’t adopt at the moment, Hinderman suggested a few alternatives.

“Volunteering is a bit limited right now,” Hinderman said. “But you can always donate to the shelter … Fostering right now, especially for our large dogs, is our biggest area of need.”

He said the time period depends on the dog, ranging from a week to a couple of months. The shelter provides the medical care, food and supplies, while “you provide the love.”