Interview: Mental Health First community response team


This week, Sacramento County’s Board of Supervisors will consider backing a new way to address the response to mental health crises in the community.

Budgets like that of the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office could be tapped to support the staffing of a helpline that might help law enforcement avoid situations like what recently happened in Nevada County.

Sage Crawford, a mother of two, was killed by deputies while having a mental health crisis.

Asantewaa Boykin has about a year of experience offering the kind of community-based mental health crisis response many are clamoring for in the wake of what happened to Crawford.

Sonseeahray spoke to Boykin about Mental Health First, a project of Anti Police-Terror Project, and its benefits.

MH First Sacramento is available by phone at 916-670-4062, Friday-Sunday from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m.

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