Are Your Kids Leading a Secret Life On Their Phone?

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Experts say kids are downloading apps that allow them to hide phone calls, photos and text messages from parents. Many of these apps look like normal apps, such as calculators, calendars and music apps and they function like they app they are, but they have hidden components. These apps can get kids in trouble and most parents don’t know they exist.

These apps [like the example above] function like they are supposed to, however they have a dark side. They also have a “decoy” password option so that if a parent busts them, they can show them that there is nothing in the app or normal photos.

Three signs that can help a parent know if their kids are using these secret (vault) apps:

  • Hiding the screen when you enter the room
  • Refusing to give their passwords
  • Having 2 or more of the same type of app

Three ways a parent can protect their kids from getting into trouble with these apps:

  • Trust but verify
  • Check their devices
  • Setup parental controls & use monitoring tools

Tech experts Lisa and Chris Good have free resources for parents HERE.


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