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Mae is chatting with Dr. Liz Weiss (nutritionist, author) about choosing supplements when food is not enough. Maintaining a healthy diet and getting all the nutrients you need from food can be a challenge, which is why dietary supplements are often necessary to meet those nutritional needs and for some people, to meet certain health conditions. Dr. Liz has some tips for following a healthy diet, knowing when food is not enough, and if necessary, choosing a quality supplement.

“Health concerns about dietary supplements has prompted federal enforcement actions against over 100 makers and marketers of dietary supplements and are the focus of a recent issue of Consumer Reports. Yet, even Consumer Reports  chief medical adviser agrees, dietary supplements are often necessary to meet nutritional needs and for health reasons.

8 in 10 physicians recommend vitamins or supplements to a wide variety of their patients including those who have been diagnosed with osteoporosis, gastrointestinal disorders, cancer and many more. Plus, two out of three Americans supplement their diets with vitamins, minerals or other dietary supplements.”