Doctor shares tips for motivating kids to stop procrastination


Parents can have a tough time getting their kids up, moving and on-task, especially in the summer.

So how do we motivate kids to stop procrastinating?

Dr. Rebecca Jackson, the national director of Brain Balance, shared some tips with Richard. 

  • Start your day with physical activity to help increase their mood and energy, which are both needed to tackle the tasks we don’t like doing. 
  • Try doing the tasks they dislike or avoid first. Get them out of the way allowing you to look forward to the tasks you like more (or hopefully at least dislike less). 
  • Allow mental breaks. Allow yourself and your children time for social interactions and fun, like a scheduled lunch, but then also quiet time to get things done.
  • Create a to-do list prior to going to bed at night and keep children in the know. Writing down your thoughts can help calm your mind so that you are able to sleep, giving you the energy and willpower needed for the next day.
  • Talk it over! Remember there is power in face-to-face communication.

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