Get Outdoors: Exploring California Caverns

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Pedro is in the studio with executive director Dyana Kelley from Camp California getting the details on the most popular cavern sites to visit. 1.Lake Shasta Caverns. One of the most widely visited and the newest National Natural Landmark of the cave systems is the Lake Shasta Caverns. Here you will find a geological adventure for your whole family that includes a ferry boat across the beautiful Lake Shasta, a bus ride to the visitor center, and a robust and comprehensive tour of the caverns in all their glory. Guided tours run year-round and typically include sightings of various forms of local wildlife such as bald eagles, black bears, deer, or perhaps even a mountain lion. ( 800.795.CAVE 2. Black Chasm Caverns Black Chasm Caverns located in the rural town of Volcano is one of only 5% of the cave systems in the world that contain Helictites.  Every chamber in the Black Chasm cave has an abundance of these magnificent crystals as they twist and curl from the cave walls and ceiling.  In fact, Black Chasm was declared a National Natural Landmark in 1976 in recognition of the spectacular example of cave formations.  When visiting take a moment to visit the remarkable natural zen garden.  Guided tours are available year-round with varying hours of operation. 209.296.5007 3. Mercer Caverns – The solution cave known as Mercer Caverns located, near Murphys was discovered by chance in the fall of 1885 and was originally known as “New Calaveras Cave” or “New Place of Skulls” due to some interesting findings during the early explorations.  Mercer caverns visitor center and gift store are loaded with history of the area and tours are available daily year-round with limited hours. 209.728.2101 or 209.728.2378 4. California Caverns Originally called Mammoth Cave, California Caverns is a limestone cave in the Sierra Nevada foothills of Claveras County.  This series of interconnected caverns are one of the earliest officially recorded caves in the Mother Lode region.  California Caverns claims the distinction of having the most extensive system of caverns and passageways of beautiful crystalline formations and recently discovered pristine areas. 209.754.1850 5. Moaning Caverns — Olivia took a trip to Moaning Caverns to experience the adventure park. Watch Below.  The next stop on our cave tour takes us to Moaning Caverns Adventure Park.  Submerse yourself in the wonderful world of adventure with activities for all ages from cave tours to gemstone mining to Geode cracking to zip lining.  Additionally, these cave systems are one of the few that offer Expedition Tours through undeveloped portions of the caves that may require belly crawling, rafting, a helmet, and a greater sense of adventure. 209.736.2708 or 866.762.2837

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