Veterinarian discusses Fourth of July, pool safety tips for pets


Veterinarian Dr. Jyl Rubin joined Olivia to talk about how to keep your pets safe this summer for Fourth of July and pool activities.

Pool safety tips

  • Rinse off or bathe your pet after swimming.
  • Check your pet’s feet for cement burn and joints for overuse.
  • Check your pet’s ears regularly.
  • Use pet-friendly or -approved insect repellants and sunscreens.

Fourth of July safety tips

  • Leave your pet at home when going to events that involve fireworks. 
  • Provide a safe spot from loud noises.
  • Check with your veterinarian if your pet needs sedatives.
  • Do not leave food scraps and alcoholic beverages in reach.
  • Forgo the glow Sticks and jewelry.
  • Have your pet properly identified.
  • Beware of lighter fluid, matches, sparks, flames and other flammable items, especially fireworks.

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