Parenting during the pandemic: Camping


Amy Henderson is the assistant news director at FOX40. Between hopping on calls, responding to emails and producing our weekly political show, she has been taking care of her two kids who are out of school.

Camping memories

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A few years ago I came home from work to find a tent trailer in our driveway.  My husband claimed he’d found the deal of the century and went ahead and bought it off of Craigslist.

When he looked at the trailer, he saw all the fun our family was going to have camping in the future.  When I looked at the trailer, I saw the vehicle that Walter White in “Breaking Bad” used to cook his drugs. 

I hate to admit it — but I will because it doesn’t happen very often — my husband was right. 

I’ve gone from absolutely hating camping to actually liking it.  Every summer we set out to find a new campsite to visit.  We’ve been to Rollins Lake, Scotts Flat, Dillon Beach (that was the coolest experience) and SO many more.  And it’s extra fun when our best friends go with us!

This summer we had plans to go on an actual vacation and stay in a hotel somewhere fun, but it’s looking like that ain’t gonna happen but I’m hopeful that we can at least camp. 

And if not – this too shall pass. 

Stay well!

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