Parenting during the pandemic: Going for a scoot


Amy Henderson is the assistant news director at FOX40. Between hopping on calls, responding to emails and producing our weekly political show, she has been taking care of her two kids who are out of school.

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My 8-year-old son broke his foot at the end of February.

He got in one or two practices with his new baseball team – when he broke it playing soccer with one of our dogs.  He is a very active kid.  If you asked him what his favorite subject was in school, he’d say P.E.  Whenever I asked him what his favorite part of his day at school was, he says “playing soccer at recess with my friends.”

So when he broke his foot, I thought for sure he was going to have a rough time with it – not only with just getting around, but mentally as well. My once independent kid now needs help doing everything.

But to my surprise, this kid has had THE BEST attitude in all of this.  Besides the occasional, “my cast is ITCHY” or “how much longer until I get my cast off” – he doesn’t complain!  I know that if I was in his position – I would be complaining non-stop. 

But last night, he broke down in tears because all he wanted to do was go on a walk “like a normal person.”  I think it was a combination of him being cooped up for two weeks now, and he can’t see his friends. 

If I’m completely honest with you – I feel the same way. Not the whole walk thing, but this home isolation is taking its toll mentally on everyone. 

So this morning, we all got dressed and he power “scooted” on his knee scooter to the end of the block and back.  When he got home he was ALL SMILES.  Hopefully, he gets his cast off next week and this saga will be over.

We’re still working on our bucket list, people  Actually more like re-doing things on our bucket list.  Over the weekend we tie-dyed some white pillow cases I bought on Amazon and they turned out super cool.  My daughter is very into decorating her room right now, so this was right up her alley!

That’s it from here.  It’s Taco Tuesday!!  Stay well. 

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