Parenting during the pandemic: Me too, dude


Amy Henderson is the assistant news director at FOX40. Between hopping on calls, responding to emails and producing our weekly political show, she has been taking care of her two kids who are out of school.

Getting through this, one day at a time.

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Hey guys!  I’m back.  I took a few days off from blog and work for my birthday.  It was on Tuesday – and it was by far the weirdest birthday ever.   Everything my friends and family did for my from afar was so sweet and I’m grateful for it, but I’m glad that day has come and gone.

I wanted to talk about something a little taboo in today’s post — mental health.  I’m going on week six of working from home.  My kids are going on week six of being stuck at home.  It’s a lot for all of us. 

I noticed earlier this week that my son just wasn’t himself.  He seemed “blue,” as we call it around here.  I sat down and asked him how he was feeling – and he said “my tummy feels nervous and sad”.  My response to him was, “Me too, dude.  Me too.” 

I think we all feel that way in a sense.  Some worse than others, I’m sure.  But not knowing when the state is going to reopen and then when it does reopen – is that it?  Do my kids just go to their grandparents and we forget about the last six weeks? 

My son told me in tears, “I just want to go to the park with Grammy and play.  That’s it.”  I told him I just want to go walk around Marshall’s for an hour and buy stuff I don’t need.  We both cried – and then we made a new bucket list.  We needed something else to look forward to.

He asked if we could eat dinner outside.  Done.  He asked if our family could play cornhole.  Done (and I won).  He asked if we could order new toys for the cold tub.  Done and done.

I know we’ll eventually find our way to a new normal.  Right now – it’s just one day at a time.  Still – six weeks later, lol.

Stay well. 

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