Parenting during the pandemic: Reverse Parade


Amy Henderson is the assistant news director at FOX40. Between hopping on calls, responding to emails and producing our weekly political show, she has been taking care of her two kids who are out of school.

If there’s one type of cuisine I could eat over and over and over and never get sick of, it’s Mexican food.  It’s by far my favorite type of food.  And this year, Cinco de Mayo actually falls on Taco Tuesday so we’ve got big plans over here tonight!  Carne asada tacos, Spanish rice, refried beans…

I’ve been very excited for this night for a few days now, I’m not gonna lie.

Yesterday, my 6th grade daughter’s school held a “reverse parade.”  All of the teachers and the staff stood six feet apart on the sidewalk outside of the school and held signs.  Some of them even wore costumes. 

As we drove by, I was fighting back tears thinking about how dedicated each of those teachers are,  how glad I am that my daughter goes to a school that would do this, and how much I love our little community.

My moment of gratitude was swiftly interrupted with, “Oh my gosh.  This is so embarrassing.  Can we please go??  Can you drive faster?”

“No, it’s a parade of cars I can’t drive faster than the car in front of me,” I said.

“I can’t believe this is even happening to me.  This is so embarrassing!  I actually saw my teachers,” she said. 


I couldn’t get any pictures of the parade for the blog because I was driving and she was dying of embarrassment next to me.  So I asked for her permission to post the picture I took of her on the first day of school, to which she replied,  “Totally.  I look good in that pic.”


Coming up this week – we’re making homemade rock candy!  Well, we’re going to attempt to make homemade rock candy.

Stay well!


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