Remarkable Women: ‘Sandwich Lady’ passes life lessons of kindness to community


SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Among the homeless in downtown Sacramento, 86-year-old Inell Howard is affectionately known as the “Sandwich Lady.”

She’s been feeding the hungry for decades.

“My mother always told us, ‘When people don’t have nothing, we’re supposed to help people that is homeless and don’t have nothing to eat,’” Howard told FOX40.

Howard has had her own hardships, including growing up poor. She has also lost 10 of her brothers and sisters through the years and has helped her husband and two of her children fight cancer.

She draws strength from lessons her mother taught her long ago.

“Whatever you’re going through, learn to be strong. And hang in there because it’s not going to last forever,” Howard said. “If you never go through nothing, never had to be tested, how can you stand?”

Inell was nominated as a Remarkable Woman by her daughter, Edith Cepin.

“To the homeless, she’s the ‘Sandwich Lady.’ To the church, she’s ‘Mother Howard,’” Cepin said. “But to me, she’s the world. She’s my mom.”

For Cepin, it was the little things her mom did that made such a big impact.

“She also sewed our clothes, she was supportive, she was always like our number one fan,” she said. “She’s just a great example of a good role model.”

FOX40 is celebrating International Women’s Day by honoring the remarkable women in our area. This is our chance to acknowledge the contributions that they’ve made to our communities and the way they inspire others.

Four women from our area have been nominated by their loved ones or colleagues. See their stories every Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning this month.


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