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It happens to almost all of us. When we’re walking or driving by pieces of art in our neighborhood, we maybe never even notice them. Three years ago, Tara Ingram realized she had been doing this.

“I found myself driving by public art and realizing I wasn’t really seeing it,” she said.

Ingram started a blog called “Pedestrian Art, Sacramento” and blogs about pieces like the Fuller Poles in Midtown, Sacramento. The 81 multi-colored poles stretch up to the sky at 16th and Q Streets. The best part is she includes the history behind the pieces.

“Originally it was designed for the World’s Fair in 1964 and they designed it so the pieces would be freestanding and move in the wind,” she said.

Tara also has a map on her website, so you can see where all the different art pieces are with just one glance.

“I’m aware of at least 300 and there could be many more,” she said.

If you’re driving by too quickly, you’re going to miss most of them, including the stories they carry. Like what helped the artist of the Amaneceres de Sacramento.

“He was inspired by the Aztec calendar, his experience in Mexico and his dreams,” Ingram said.

Some of the artists have decades of experience behind them, but though Tara has no formal art background, she informs the public about pieces you can see whenever you want – for free.

“It’s art in our daily lives,” she said.