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People are receiving fraudulent calls from callers impersonating Microsoft employees to gain access to home computers, according Tuolomne County Sheriff’s Department.

The reported calls are coming from an 825 area code from scammers claiming to be from the “Windows Helpdesk” or “Microsoft tech support” saying that people’s computers are infected with malware. The callers try to gain access to home PCs so they can charge to fix the software issues.

Microsoft has since stated that the company will never make unsolicited calls to “charge you for computer security or software fixes.”

If the scammers gain access to your computer, they can potentially trick you into installing malicious files that can capture sensitive files. They can even request credit card information to bill you for fake services, among other things.

If you’ve already given scammers access to your computer, officials say to scan your computer for malicious files using the Microsoft Security Essentials and remove the files immediately. You should also call your bank to make sure that no charges have been made.