A taste of weightlessness with Zero-G flights


OAKLAND, Calif. (KTXL) — A plane used to prepare astronauts for the weightlessness of space had a flight in the Bay Area this weekend.

Zero-G took off from Oakland on Saturday, but this time, with civilian passengers, including FOX40 meteorologist Adam Epstein.

Zero-G travels around the country giving people a taste of what it would be like to float in the International Space Station.

It works by flying in a parabolic path, first up on a curve, then falling down. The fall is when you experience zero gravity, or weightlessness.

This team is literally one of a kind. We have the best pilots in the world controlling the parabolas, and then a lot of the team members that you see on board have been around since Day One with thousands of parabolas under their belt, with a wealth of experience not only to help people experience microgravity, but also with a lot of the research in providing that inside and input into research and science experiments.

Dr. Marc Ogriofa, ZERO Grand Coach

Adam Epstein will take us along with him on his ride this Thursday on FOX40.

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