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How did you pay for your coffee this morning? Many people are acclimated to paying for things with plastic cards with magnetic strips – credit and debit cards. CEO of the Electronic Transactions Association, Jason Oxman,  is joining Christianne via satellite to discuss the future of money. Credit cards remain the method of choice for 70 percent of consumers but that is changing quickly.

Whether it’s facial recognition technology, wearable gadgets or connected devices, cashless transactions are the way of the future.

  • Ready to Wear– wearables such watches and fitness trackers that allow consumers to pay securely.
  • New Biometric Security – as vein pattern recognition, finger print scanning, pay by selfie can provide protected and convenient transactions
  • Phone it in- new ways to pay with your smartphone that are convenient and safe
  • Stay Connected– Pay with devices other than smartphones such as appliances like new refrigerators that automatically re-order groceries