Unique Ways to Charge Up Your Cellphone Battery

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We rely on our phones for almost everything but often times our batteries have a hard time keeping up. In today’s Tech Report, Rich Demuro is sharing some unique ways to juice up your gadgets.

  • SolSol solar hat is a cap with a solar panel plus a place to plug in your phone. The hat is eco-friendly and sure to start a conversation in more ways than one. It can be purchased for $70. It may be unique but the hat can take up to 4 times a long to fully charge your device.
  • Titan M says it is the toughest cable on earth. forget about frays or kinks, with strong reinforced flexible steel, this cable is in it for the long haul. iPhone $35 – Android $25
  • Tassel Power doubles as a cable and a clip-on decoration. Its an easy way to hide your annoying charger cables. — $30
  • Pina USB Power Bank … a scratch and sniff charging accessory — $20 – $30

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