$11 Million ‘Saddle Ridge Hoard’ on Display

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Here is your chance to see what $11 million looks like in gold coins.

The Nevada County Fairgrounds is home to the Old West Antique Show May 9-10.  The big draw, without question, is the Saddle Ridge Hoard – an estimated $11 million cache of gold coins that was uncovered in the Sierra foothills last year.

“The Saddle Ridge Hoard is simply the greatest burial treasure find in the history of the United States, and maybe the world,” Don Kagin, owner of Kagin Inc., the company in charge of the find, told FOX40.

More than 1,400 pristine gold coins, all dating from 1847 to 1894, with a face-value of almost $28,000, and an assessed worth of more than $11 million will be on display Friday and Saturday.

“Back then, people didn’t trust banks as they do today, and they would hide it away somewhere other than banks,” Kagin said.

Adding to the mystique of the saddle ridge hoard is that the couple who found the buried treasure has chosen to keep everything private.  Not disclosing their identity, the location of the find, even the ownership history of their home in order to avoid treasure seekers.

It was February of 2013 when the couple found a partially buried can while walking their dog on their foothills property.  After discovering what was inside, the couple made a few calls and eventually contacted Kagin’s Inc. of San Francisco, a family owned firm that specializes in U.S. gold coins.

And now, later this month, they will start selling the coins through Amazon.

“So here’s an opportunity not just to own a coin, but to own an incredible story,” noted Kagin.   “A couple who weren’t looking for it, who have found their pot of gold.”

The coins go on sale at 9 p.m. May 27.

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