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(KTLA) – Thirteen people went to the hospital and multiple highway lanes were shutdown in Hacienda Heights in southern California on Wednesday morning, according to officials from the Los Angeles County Fire Department.

The collision was described as a “glancing blow, which is better than it could been,” according to fire Capt. Keith Mora. The crash occurred around 9:40 a.m. “This had the potential to be extremely bad,” Mora said.

Officials later said a total of 23 people were assessed in connection with the crash.

Thirteen people were hospitalized with minor injuries, fire department Inspector Flores said.

Traffic was snarled for several miles.

Following the crash, a second bus appeared to be dropping off uninjured passengers at multiple locations throughout L.A. County. Fire officials said no fuel was spilled onto the roadway, but it was unknown how long it would remain closed due to cleanup and investigation.

The bus had a similar appearance to the one that crashed and may have been part of the same tour company.

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