Alarms Stopping Burglars Just in Time

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One break-in is a crime. Two in a row, perhaps a coincidence. But seven in a two mile stretch of Kettleman and Ham in Lodi? That’s definitely a crime trend.

Lodi Police officers say late Sunday night, into early Monday morning, seven business were burglarized. Among them, a Metro PCS store.

Manager Sammy Idris took video of the mess when he came to work Monday.

“It was very obvious the door was broken, before I came in, I called police,” Idris said.

But once he started looking around, he noticed something odd.

“I didn’t find anything missing. So everything is in place, yes. Sounds crazy, because the only damage they did was the glass,” Idris said.

Not the phone cases on the wall, not the stash of phones in the back.

“Even the display phones, not even a candy from that box,” Idris said.

Lodi detectives say that the common thread in these crimes is all business have broken glass, but there was very little actual theft.

“They’re [the burglars] going after anything from cigarettes, lottery tickets,” said Detective Jimmy Pendergast with the Lodi Police Department.

The reason why? The alarms seem to be spooking the burglars, and are sending cops their way in a flash.

“Criminals are criminals. Not necessarily the brightest?” Pendergast said.

Lodi Police say that the second an alarm goes off in the city, they typically get a call from an alarm company within one minute and are able to roll crews out there very quickly. This speed is a reason police say the burglars have been barely able to get away with anything recently.

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